Art for everybody

We are Susanne Weihe and Thorkil Krogh – and we know what we are doing.
We are in touch with artists in Denmark and abroad. You will always find a wide range of works in different genres with us.
Art has been our passion for decades. Now we have chosen to turn this burning passion into business.
For many years, Thorkil Krogh has been on the art committee at a major high school, where he is still co-responsible for purchasing the varied works of art decorating the school.
We very much look forward to presenting a long list of fascinating artists.
We focus on having a wide range of works appealing to many different tastes – if you do not find what you are looking for, though, please do not hesitate to contact us.

WEIHE MODERN ART | VAT number: 18215705 | Vimmelskaftet 19, 4300 Holbęk - Danmark | Phone: +45 2382 6782 | sus.weihe@gmail.com